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The corrosion of aluminum /

Future applications of aluminum and corrosion

Capteur solaire thermiqueAluminium has several advantages, including lightness, excellent thermal conductivity and very high resistance to atmospheric corrosion. 

Aluminium is therefore very well placed because of its thermal performance and cost relative to copper and titanium. This is the reason that all heat exchangers in cars and industrial vehicles are now made from aluminium alloy. 

Heat exchangers can be made from either aluminium plates or tubes, mechanically assembled or welded, of large or small size (like those in natural gas liquefaction plant). 

The majority of condensation gas boilers are fitted with aluminium alloy fireboxes and/or condensers. This has been true for 30 years, the first models being introduced at the end of the 1970s. 

However, aluminium has undergone significant development in the field of renewable energy in which liquid/liquid, liquid/air (or special gas) heat exchangers, etc. are used. 

One could quote solar heating, thermal energy from the sea (OTEC), heat pumps, phase change systems, etc. 

I have accumulated experience of these applications which I have followed since their inception.

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