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Preparation of specifications

Flotteurs en alliage d'aluminium 5754Experience shows that cases of corrosion of aluminium in service could very often have been avoided if a “specification” had been available, giving the choices of aluminium alloy, methods of assembly, any protection, etc. 

This is particularly true when the aluminium equipment is exposed to an aggressive environment. 

The choice of aluminium alloy and its metallurgical state is often crucial. 

In the case of assemblies in which there is contact between aluminium and other metals (in most cases this involves assemblies with ordinary or stainless steel), it is essential to avoid problems of galvanic corrosion of aluminium when the area of contact is wet. This can easily be achieved by using a suitable method of assembly. 

My experience and skill are useful in assisting the authors of technical specifications relating to the corrosion resistance of aluminium.

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