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Professional career

Garde corps en aluminium - Vieux Port à BiarritzDuring my long career as an engineer – 40 years – in the former Pechiney group, at that time a leader in the production and transformation of aluminium in Europe, I acquired in-depth knowledge and wide experience in the corrosion of aluminium in particular and the properties and applications of aluminium in general. 

My competence benefits from experience of two types : in the laboratory, where corrosion tests are carried out in accordance with rigorous protocols and from investigations in cases of corrosion of aluminium in service in applications of aluminium quite different from each other such as : transport, building, ground equipment, electrical equipment, marine applications, water treatment, etc., involving a large number of visits to installation sites in France and abroad. 

I took part in many development projects for applications of aluminium in which the resistance to corrosion of aluminium is a very important factor: car heat exchangers, shipbuilding, desalination of sea water, waste water treatment, condensation boilers, renewable energy (solar heating, thermal energy from the sea, etc.). 

For more than 10 years, I worked as a professional consultant on the corrosion of aluminium and applications of aluminium.

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