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Publications also contribute to the reputation of an expert. 

In the course of my professional work in the Pechiney group, I directed the preparation and publication of several technical brochures on the applications of aluminium in shipbuilding, the manufacture of industrial vehicles, etc.:


Livre Corrosion de l'aluminium

My book “Corrosion de l’aluminium”, published by Dunod in 1999 is the reference work in French for corrosion of aluminium. It was also published in English in 2004 by Elsevier under the title “Corrosion of aluminium”. 
Livre Corrosion of aluminium

The English version “Corrosion of Aluminium”
Chez Elsevier - 2004.

Livre Corrosion de l'aluminium

Engineering Techniques Specification M4663, 2010. Engineering Techniques have recently published a long paper - Engineering Techniques Specification M4663, 2010 – on the Metallurgy of aluminium, of which I am the author.



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