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Study and diagnosis of cases of corrosion

Lames de surverses d'un bassin de décantation en alliage aluminium 5754This action may concern both cases of corrosion of aluminium in service and projects of application of aluminium for which the resistance to corrosion of aluminium is in question

The purpose of an investigation is to find an explanation for cases of corrosion of aluminium and propose a remedy to avoid repetition of these mistakes. 

The corrosion of aluminium (and other metals and alloys) is a complex phenomenon, often making the explanation laborious. 

To find the explanation, information on the nature of the aluminium alloy, the conditions of service, etc., must often be collected in order to discover any possible causes. 

To achieve this result requires experience, rigour and method. 

My long experience of corrosion of aluminium in service (and appreciation of the risks of corrosion of aluminium for new applications) is a vital asset when dealing with problems of corrosion of aluminium. 

In addition, resorting to the services of a recognised expert on the corrosion of aluminium very often avoids the need to carry out costly analyses which furthermore may be useless with no connection to the phenomena observed.

Tasks & Area operation