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Tasks and area of operation /

Tasks & area of operation

Aspect de la corrosion intergranulaire d'un alliage d'aluminium sensibiliséExperience shows that the corrosion of metals in general, and aluminium in particular, is a complex phenomenon depending on many factors : 

This means that before embarking on analyses that are often costly, or even useless, one must first carry out a visual examination of the corroded parts and an in-depth enquiry with the users to attempt to determine the cause of the corrosion of the aluminium in service. 

That is why a sensible and experienced expert such as myself must always proceed by this method. In this way, analyses and metallurgical examinations are reduced to the essentials, saving time and money. 

Finding an explanation for a case of corrosion of aluminium in service and proposing a solution to avoid corrosion of the aluminium requires wide knowledge and long experience of the subject. 

The procedure is the same when advising on a new project or application. It is therefore a matter of predicting the likely problems of corrosion of aluminium in service. 

My experience is then a valuable asset which enables me to : 

Tasks & Area operation